A study of urban transformation along a new alternate highway between Colombo and Kandy, the CKAH 2004.

The commission was to study the 150 km corridor where a new expressway and the existing rail line give diverging foci. We presented a sustainability based plan with public transport as main artery and mixed-use developments crystallizing along railway stations, villages, towns and other local nodes.

The master plan was to indicate the lineage of the motorway, a concept of junctions and how traffic could filter onto the existing grid of A, B and C roads. The project also showed detailed patterns of “bus-stop-squares” and pedestrian routes.

This project demonstrated how Arken’s town-type and value-rose tools could be successfully used in a Sri Lankan context. It is clear that these tools can make a valuable contribution in other planning systems and cultural contexts.

Working with local planners, we explored critical ideas on how towns and a new urban corridor could be incrementally developed in a sustainable manner.